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What the press has said about Panza and Mariana:
Rolling Stone Magazine
"[...] Panza is one of those bands (almost extinct) that are impossible to categorize. The list of influences is endless: Cream, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, [...] Foo Fighters, among others. But Panza succeeds in sounding unmistakably like Panza. La madre de todos los picantes (The mother of all the hot and spicy) represents to a degree of perfection the creative exuberance of this foursome. Using tons of ideas, musicality, risk, some highs and lows (logical in such an exuberant piece), and some redundancy in the lyrics reminiscent of childhood imagery and self-celebration, La madre... proves that an album -in this case triple!- can still be a vital, deeply enriching vital adventure."
Diego Mazzei, La Nacion
There may be formulas to obtain notoriety: these guys (well, three guys and a girl) seem to have it and wipe their asses with it. Because Sergio Alvarez is an outstanding and demential guitarist who is constantly coming up with riffs, counterpoints and unexpected chords: becuse the rythm section (Franco Barroso and Pablo Contursi) will crush you if you don't step away from the speaker line, and because Mariana Bianchini, a mix between Aglaope and Telxiepia, will kick your ass right when you start feeling seduced and captivated [...] "